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Measuring the success of your mobile strategy
Applying the lessons learned over the past 15 years, digital marketers now use web analytics to...

Micazook, your solution for rapid, cost effective development, design and consultation.

Here at Micazook we understand our position in the market. We specialise in discreet development for some of Europe’s leading development agencies. Every day we work with innovative bluechip brands from behind the scenes. This positions us as a fast, available resource to bolster your own development teams whether that’s due to a delay in a project, an error from a previous supplier that needs fixing quickly or simply work you’ve won that’s a little beyond your own resource.

Our employees can be hired on a day rate basis or you can secure a little discount with a longer, guaranteed booking, making sure you get the most utilisation from your fee.

We can either Project Manage a project for you or we can allow you direct access to your chosen team to manage yourself, again to ensure maximum cost saving. We can of course communicate with your clients too and have a best practice method for positioning our team as your own.

Micazook as a business has grown steadily over the past 13 years and been at the front of new technology and the changing nature of client requirements since the birth of the internet. Our flexible business model allows us to tap into talented designers and developers across the world, eliminating the difficulties of hiring in the UK and busy European cities.

As with many design and development houses, our experience grew naturally due to client demand but our core capabilities of Web Design, Graphic Design and Application software development have always been the core of our business.

Now with the addition of mobile content, e and m-commerce, social media, 3D gaming and more our skills have diversified and strengthened our product offering. We hope to always be fortunate enough to invest time and resources into creating new teams and training existing staff to meet the demands of our even more demanding clients!

Should you have any comments or feedback about our site, questions about how we can help your business or simply want to chat about technology and design, we’d love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Callie Johnson, Marketing Manager